Twin are so passionate about our brand, they take ownership and fully understand our requirements. Twin has given Heartland exposure throughout New Zealand that generally only multi-national companies enjoy, our business has been very successful for a lot of reasons and Twin is definitely one of them.
— Brian Kirby, National Sales Manager


About Heartland

Kiwi farmer. A Kiwi farm. And a great Kiwi potato chip. It doesn’t get much more Kiwi than that.

South Canterbury farmer Raymond Bowan grew up around potatoes. As a young lad he earned his pocket money digging up spuds on the neighbouring property, returning home after a long day’s work with mud on his boots, dirt under his nails and a satisfied grin on his face. Years later, when the local chip factory closed its doors, Raymond seized the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream, and Heartland Chips was born.

To this day the potatoes we use are grown on the family farm at Fallgate, just outside of Timaru, South Canterbury. And to this day it’s Raymond, with the help of son James, who oversees the operation, ensuring every step – from the planting, through the harvesting, to the transportation – is just right.

When they leave Fallgate the potatoes are transported 30km down the road to the Heartland Chip factory, where they’re thickly sliced and cooked in our unique blend of all-natural oils. Then they’re taken straight to the supermarkets, often arriving later the very same day they were dug from the ground. That’s the secret to their freshness.

Heartland have been a Twin brand since 2012.