RJ’s are passionate about creating meaningful long term partnerships and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership we have with Twin. The Twin team are made up of a passionate, dedicated, trustworthy and hardworking team that look after each of their brands incredibly well. Twin have contributed significantly to RJ’s high level of growth in the past few years, and we thank them greatly for that. Twin are an essential part of our team and we love working with them.
— Amy Law, Sales Director


About RJ’s

We’re RJ’s, New Zealand’s finest, and we do it for fun.

RJ’s are passionate about creating and crafting extraordinary confectionery that is worth sharing.

Our business is built on manufacturing excellence, Confectionery expertise, brand heritage, use of superior ingredients and we believe in meaningful long term partnerships.  It is our ambition to be New Zealand’s most loved and well-known confectionery brand.  

RJ’s brand is all about Playful Kiwi indulgence.

People ask us what makes our licorice so fantastic, well it’s all about generations of passionate people, kiwi ingenuity and simple good times that inspire us! From our humble little town, Levin, we started mucking about with licorice. A little of this here, a twist of that there, and we soon found the recipe for the world’s smoothest, most flavourful, most addictive soft eating licorice.

Doesn’t matter what it is, we'll make it our own, have some fun with it, and wind up being the best in the world. So it’s always an easy choice when Kiwis need outstanding licorice and the taste of home, because they’re one and the same. We have fun making it so you can have fun eating it.

RJ’s have been a Twin brand since 2004.